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Headline News
8 people have been killed and 48 injured in a terrorist attack in London, occurring in the evening of June 3.Three attac
On June 6, 1872, Susan B. Anthony was fined for voting in a presidential election in New York. Susan, a woman, was not p
National News
Let’s travel back to the late Joseon dynasty in 1890, a time of enlightenment. At Namsangol, you can experience the mar
Around Me
I think Greek mythology is interesting. The gods in those stories argued and were jealous of other
World News I
Aside from finding ways to stay cool, people also come up with ways to protect themselves from mosquito bites during the summer. As the rise
What’s This About? Cloning is often a permanent fixture in Science-Fiction films and has caused many to question the natural order. If we c
In the world of Hockey, the Stanley Cup is the ultimate championship for the teams in the NHL. For the Pittsburgh Penguins, it is another ch
Cosmic Girls are back with their first full length studio album in five months since the release of their last mini-album in January. Releas
World News
Mexico’s Ambassador to India, Melba Pria, has received a positive response from the people of India. She has been using an auto rickshaw as
Hot Issue
There is much debate about the role of religion in modern society. Some regard it as a relic of a bygone era, while others assert that it st
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Imagine being surrounded by towering bookshelves and tall escalators leading to wide reading spaces and glass windows. On May 31, Shinsegae
The Swiss company Climeworks, has unveiled a revolutionary new type of factory, with the aim of collecting carbon dioxide from the atmospher
World News
Fidget spinners have been around since the 1990s, but it was in 2017 when they became internationally popular. A fidget spinner is a toy tha
Basal tears are always in our eyes. Their job is to keep our eyes clean and moist.When dust and dirt enter our eyes, more basal tears are ma
A 56-year-old woman named Tracey Aldridge has successfully grown a pineapple from the top of the tropical fruit. When she was preparing a fr
Do you know Elvis Presley? He was a legendary American singer and actor who was regarded as one of the most influential cultural icons of th
Around Me
I think Greek mythology is interesting. The gods in those stories argued and were jealous of other
Yummy News
Moussaka is so very very yummy! It is made of eggplant, lamb meat, cheese, and mashed potatoes.
Around Nature
In Greece, there are a lot of Olive trees. They grow in areas called groves. These trees are tal
See & do
Rule. Zeus ruled the earth and the sky. Protect. Hera protected women. Name. The Greek city was na
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