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Headline News
On Nov. 24, Hong Kong held its first elections since the massive protests began nearly six months ago, and the results s
PET, the term commonly used by a majority of Koreans to refer to plastic bottles, stands for polyethylene terephthalate.
National News
Kakao Friends, characters released by Kakao Corporation, have gained significant worldwide popularity thanks to their ad
Around Me
We can enjoy many fun sports in the winter. Many people like to go snowboarding. We need to wear a h
World News I
On Nov. 26, the New York City Council Health Committee decided to ban all flavored electronic cigarettes in a vote of 42 to two. The move is
What’s This About? Fermentation is a technique that has been used for many years to preserve food. This process is used to make foods such
Over the previous six seasons, the Los Angeles Lakers shared the worst combined record in the NBA with the New York Knicks, the only other t
Exo made their long-awaited comeback with their seventh studio album, Obsession, on Nov. 27. The album is being promoted by six members, a f
World News
The appalling photos and videos of Hong Kong’s anti-government protesters getting brutally beaten by the police have resulted in numerous c
Oprah Winfrey was born in the rural Deep South of America to a poor, teenage single mother who was working as a housemaid. Her mother moved
National News
To commemorate the 60th anniversary since Korea established diplomatic relations with Brazil, the Brazilian Embassy in Seoul opened a specia
National News
In recent years, the French have increasingly shown an interest in Korean culture. Nevertheless, the previous Korean Cultural Center in Pari
World News
The World Health Organization says that 80 percent of teens around the world don’t get enough exercise to live healthy lives. Researchers c
Climate change has made water become warmer. Warmer water has damaged the Great Barrier Reef. Prof. Peter Harrison of Southern Cross Univers
When we go grocery shopping, we can see countless packaged snack products stacked on the shelves in supermarkets. Although they all come in
A man named Chris Barr became paralyzed after a surfing accident. He woke up on a hospital bed and was given the bad news.Chris could not wa
Around Me
We can enjoy many fun sports in the winter. Many people like to go snowboarding. We need to wear a h
Yummy News
Yogurt is a dairy product. It is thick liquid. Yogurt is rich in many healthy nutrients. It has
Around Nature
A ladybug is a tiny insect. Ladybugs are red. They have many black spots on their back. Ladybugs can
See & do
(1) Get. Get a flu shot. (2) Play. Play the recorder. (3) Use. Use the oven. (4) Write. Write a c
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