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Headline News
South Korean President Moon Jae-in gave the keynote speech at the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit on Nov. 13. Durin
The legend of Santa Claus or “good old Saint Nick,” comes from a holy man with a legendary habit of gift-giving. Saint
National News
Last November, several earthquakes hit Pohang and the surrounding area in the North Gyeongsang Province. Because of the
Around Me
Next month, the new Pororo movie will come to theaters! Pororo’s friends Crong and the little din
World News I
An attack at a mosque in northern Sinai, Egypt, killed 305 people. 27 children died in the explosion with another 128 wounded. On Nov. 24, a
What’s This About? With news of the vaquita porpoise nearing extinction, scientists are trying to collect DNA samples for cloning. Which be
All the teams have qualified for the 21st FIFA World Cup set to kick off in Russia next year. It will feature five countries from Asia, five
The celebrity couple of Lee Min-ho and Bae Suzy have called it quits after dating for almost three years. Suzy’s agency, JYP Entertainment,
World News
A wedding is one of the most important events in one’s life. It is a rite of passage where two people begin to build a new family. Couples
Hot Issue
Singles Day in China, a new holiday encouraged by the Alibaba Company to boost sales, made $25 billion on Nov. 11. The holiday has quickly s
National News
Korean Air, the nation’s largest airline and flag carrier, was named the 8th best airline in the world according to a report by The Korea H
Net neutrality is the idea that all data available on the internet should be free to download and access regardless of who owns, publishes,
World News
A burger stand in Tokyo is becoming more famous thanks to U.S. President Donald Trump. During his visit to Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
Meteorologists are scientists who study the Earth’s atmosphere. By using many different tools, meteorologists can tell how the weather will
Pororo is loved by the children of Korea. He is even called Bpo-tong-ryung, which means President Pororo. This winter, children can see Poro
Do you have a good or bad memory? Do you find it difficult to remember where you left your belongings? If you forget things too often, takin
Around Me
Next month, the new Pororo movie will come to theaters! Pororo’s friends Crong and the little din
Yummy News
Eggnog is a yummy drink that people in North America drink for Christmas! It is made of eggs, milk
Around Nature
The Siberian Husky is a dog that kind of looks like a wolf. It has grey fur, but its belly and mos
See & do
Separate. Separate the yolk from the egg white. Mix. Mix it with the sugar. Whisk. Whisk the warm
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