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A recent photograph has sparked outrage, becoming a symbol for those who oppose America’s policy toward immigrants at i
In developing countries, doing laundry is one of the most troublesome chores, since three to four generations live toget
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The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety식품의약품안전처 recently conducted an inspection on a wet tissue producing company
Around Me
Slime is a soft toy. It feels like clay. If you keep touching it, the shape changes. Many childre
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Are you visiting the United States anytime soon? Well, if you go to Alabama, Georgia, or Virginia, there’s a big chance you’ll run into so
What’s This About? Many countries around the world are becoming more alert to social injustice. Many Western nations, for instance, are hav
After weeks of voting, the 2019 KBO All-Stars have been announced. They were split into two teams: the Dream team and the Nanum team.Many pl
On June 27, actor Song Joong-ki released a statement saying, “I have begun the process of filing for divorce from Song Hye-kyo.” The two m
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The economy created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) alumni matches that of Brazil, the world’s eighth biggest economy
Scott Harrison is an American social entrepreneur who founded a non-profit organization named Charity: Water in 2006. This organization was
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When a big fire broke out at Seoul Eunmyung Elementary School last month, it significantly raised people’s awareness for the necessity of i
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On June 19, GS E&C announced that it will be the country’s first business to establish two solar power plants, with a capacity of 12.6 and
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Each year, the Institute for Economics and Peace studies which country is the most peaceful. It studies 163 countries’ militarization, safe
Most of us might assume that the brightest part of a candle flame is the hottest. However, the hottest part of a candle flame is the outer e
When we produce tin cans, we use a protective layer of tin. The inner parts of the cans become rusty when this layer reacts with oxygen. As
There is a retirement home in the American state of Michigan called the Sunset Retirement Community. It is special because there are current
Around Me
Slime is a soft toy. It feels like clay. If you keep touching it, the shape changes. Many childre
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Pelmeni are dumplings from Russia. They taste and look like Korean dumplings. Russians put many di
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Some animals eat both plants and meat. They are called omnivores. Because they eat different kind
See & do
(1) Blow. Blow a dandelion. (2) Brush. Brush your hair. (3) Buy. Buy groceries. (4) Grill. Grill
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