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Headline News
South Korea’s own KF-21 fighter jet, also known as the KF-21 Boramae, completed its first test flight at the base of So
Scientists recently found out more about how an elephant’s trunk moves and grabs things. Using high-speed cameras, they
National News
“Hanbok saenghwal,” or “Hanbok lifestyle,” has recently joined the country’s National Intangible Cultural Heritage
Around Me
Summer vacation is a school break that happens in summer. During summer vacation, I will go to the
World News I
NASA has released its latest plans for its moon rocket launch, tentatively setting a date for the end of this summer. The associate administ
What’s This About?Although many companies don’t require their workers to wear uniforms, some companies do. However, do you think that wear
High jumper Woo Sang-hyeok made history by winning Korea’s first-ever silver medal in a high jump event at the World Athletics Championship
K-pop boy group BTS was officially appointed as the public relations (PR) ambassador for Korea’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo in Busan.
World News
Months of protests in Sri Lanka resulted in former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa fleeing the country. Protesters then stormed the presidentia
One of the world’s most famous philosophers, Friedrich Nietzsche was born in 1844 in Germany. He attended university, where he studied clas
National News
The Seoul government announced the completion of a construction project that saw Changgyeong Palace and Jongmyo Shrine reconnected by a gree
National News
Certain parts of Seoul and its surrounding areas came under attack by a new insect that people called the “lovebug.” The tiny bug is small
World News
One of the most venomous snakes in the world is the king cobra. A king cobra can even kill an elephant with its venom. One man in Vietnam tr
Doctors often use blood or urine to test for diseases. But, scientists in China have done the same with teardrops. Humans don’t make a lot
The platypus is one of the strangest animals that you’ll ever see. It lays eggs even though it is a mammal. It also has a paddle-shaped tai
Park Eun-bin has garnered global attention for her leading role in the hit drama series Extraordinary Lawyer Woo. The storyline of this seri
Around Me
Summer vacation is a school break that happens in summer. During summer vacation, I will go to the
Yummy News
Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates. There are many things to do in the Dubai desert! Enj
Around Nature
Polar bears live in the Arctic. They mainly eat seals. In the wild, they live for 25 to 30 years
See & do
- Read, trace, and do! (1) Wrap. Wrap a gift. (2) Slide down. Slide down on the sand. (3) Crack
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