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One small tweet highlighting an inspiring Olympic moment is trending quickly on the internet. The tweeted photo features
Everyone loves music! What kind of music do you like the most?Music not only has the power of influence, but also the po
National News
On July 20, the Korea National Park Service announced they will install security bells in 143 womens r
Around Me
You see a moving ribbon snake. A hoop comes back like a boomerang. A ball slides along the shoul
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Some of your classmates may have become couples. You might begin to question if you should be dating too. Dont sweat it. You dont need t
Whats This About? For centuries, nations from all over the world have gathered together to partake in the Olympic Games. The IOCs missio
Without an attack, there cannot be victory. This summer, Korean athletes battled opponents head on in a breathtaking show of swordsmanship.
The Superstar K winner Roy Kim isnt just good at singing! In a recent episode of TVNs Problematic Men, Kim revealed his high school and
Hot Issue
If youre a big gamer, you will be excited to hear that your favorite classic videogame characters are back! Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016
Maybe you havent heard of a country named Grenada before, but you certainly will after this years Rio Olympics. Why? Thats where risin
World News
Rio de Janeiro will be the first South American city to host the Paralympic Games. South Korea will be sending 81 athletes to compete in 11
1. Eat carbohydratesCarbohydrates (or carbs) are the main source of energy for an athlete. Your body will break carbs down into glucose or s
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Theyre cute, fuzzy, and lovable! Are you thinking what Im thinking? Theyre the Olympic mascots! A mascot is an animal, person, or thin
What`s New?
Disney doesnt just make animations. They make magic paper! Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University developed a small chip to turn n
When we think of polar bears, we imagine they are in the wild or in a large zoo. Sadly, there is a polar bear trapped in a small glass room
Fans are watching their favorite athletes go for the gold in the Olympic Games. Did you know that the Olympics started as a way to teach peo
Around Me
You see a moving ribbon snake. A hoop comes back like a boomerang. A ball slides along the shoul
Yummy News
The Olympic rings mean all people can become one. Making bagel rings is easy too! You only need
Around Nature
Poison dart frogs live in the rain forests of Central and South America. There are many kinds of
See & do
1. bend. Bend your body. 2. balance. Balance on your toes. 3. dance. Dance like a cheer
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