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Headline News
If you go out to eat in China, you better have a smartphone because the restaurant might not have a menu. Instead, the c
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National News
At Diorama World in Busan, you can travel the whole world in just a few hours! The word “diorama” actually means a sce
Around Me
I only buy things I really need. If I spend money on things I don’t need, it is like throwing mone
World News I
In 2001, the performance for the longest music piece in world history began in Germany, but the first note was not heard until two years lat
What’s This About? Winter is just around the corner, which means people are more prone to get sick. Some people get through winter without
Pak Se-ri has said farewell to her playing career as one of Korea’s greatest golfers but is far from finished with the sport.Korea’s first
They have finally done it. Veteran idol girl group T-ara has been promoting and actively performing in China the last few years, and their e
Hot Issue
In China, certain farms have pigs jump, flip and flop in pools and ponds before paddling their way to shore. Every day, Chinese farmer Huang
Who’s the most ambitious, tenacious person in the world? It could be Jack Ma, China’s internet tycoon. Ma was born on Sep. 10, 1964, in Ha
World News
What are the pros and cons of video games? Korea is a giant in the online gaming industry, but youth addiction to games is a growing social
An Anglo-Saxon cemetery believed to have been hidden underground for more than 1,100 years has been unearthed in Norfolk, Britain. The cemet
World News
We all know Sam Okyere from various Korean shows. He came to Korea to study computer engineering on a scholarship, but Sam also modeled on t
What`s New?
Dutch artist Max Zorn uses an unusual material to create his famous artwork. It’s brown masking tape! He sticks strips of brown tape to thi
Dogs have long been man’s best friend. We love them for being so adorable, playful, and loyal. But can a dog be as clever as a human, too?
Winter is the season for snow and Christmas, but it’s also the season for colds and the flu! Most of us don’t want to be stuck at the doct
Around Me
I only buy things I really need. If I spend money on things I don’t need, it is like throwing mone
Yummy News
Get mom and dad to help you make this delicious treat! You only need three things: pancakes, a ban
Around Nature
Otters live all over the world except Australia and Antarctica. There are 13 kinds of otters, but
See & do
Save. Save your money. Put. Put coins into a piggybank. Break. Break the piggybank open.
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