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In a recent move, the European Union (EU) has introduced a new era of regulation for artificial intelligence (AI) with t
A recent study led by Yoo On-yoo from Konkuk University has shed more light on the impact of dog companions on humans. P
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On Feb. 26, the graduating students of Yonsei University College of Medicine raised their right hands and read the “Hip
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How much do you know about exotic fruits? Exotic fruits grow in foreign countries. In Africa, the
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France, Sweden, and Denmark are spearheading a pivotal movement within the European Union aimed at curbing the export of used clothing, high
What’s This About?Holding parents liable for their children’s criminal actions is a complex issue that has sparked debate for years. While
Major League Baseball (MLB) opened a youth clinic to nurture the youth’s enthusiasm for baseball and celebrate the sport’s global appeal.
Jungkook of BTS achieved a milestone unmatched by any other K-pop soloist. As of Apr. 3, Jungkook’s “Standing Next to You” has stayed on
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Shigeichi Negishi, credited as one of the inventors of karaoke, passed away of natural causes on Jan. 26 at age 100, according to his family
Queen Zenobia of Palmyra (located in modern Syria) was a formidable figure of the third century who commanded a wealthy, powerful, and cultu
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National News
On Mar. 3, a South Korean firefighter claimed first place in the Stair Run Challenge at the Aramco Firefighter Challenge 2024 in Saudi Arabi
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Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has announced plans to build a second Titanic. This new Titanic will look like the original ship that sa
On Mar. 16, a volcano in Iceland erupted for the fourth time in three months. The volcano shot out bright orange lava into the night sky.Sci
Every country uses a different currency. So, when traveling to another country, you’ll need to use that country’s currency to buy things.
North Chungcheong Province Agricultural Research and Extension Services offered teacher training to farmers from Mar. 3 to Mar. 15. The trai
Around Me
How much do you know about exotic fruits? Exotic fruits grow in foreign countries. In Africa, the
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Africa is the second largest continent. It consists of more than 50 countries. The largest count
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Amazon river dolphins are the largest species of river dolphin. They inhabit the rivers of South Am
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Last year, I went to pre-school. This year, I go to kindergarten. In pre-school, I learned basic
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