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Headline News
On June 25, the 10th Ebola outbreak was officially declared over. It was the second worst Ebola outbreak in recorded his
Scientists say being bilingual provides your brain with many advantages.Firstly, being bilingual will improve your cogni
National News
Winia Dimchae is a home appliance company in Korea. It recently launched a special event with a famous Instagram influen
Around Me
Computers are useful machines. They have many programs and a lot of information. With computers, w
World News I
Siberia, one of the coldest places on Earth, has become one of the warmest due to an unusual heat wave. In late June, the Siberian town of V
What’s This About?The candidates running for U.S. president have been narrowed down to Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Interestingly, they are
After a Chinese tai chi master was brutally beaten by an MMA fighter in 2017, the demand for the sport has been decreasing. However, scienti
Several big names made their comeback in late June, including Sunmi, Blackpink, and Mamamoo’s Hwasa, but K-pop fans should expect more come
World News
Although Iowa is known as a relatively conservative state in the U.S., students attending the University of Iowa (UI) have always been brave
Born to an African-American father and a Korean-American mother in Michigan, Jeon Tae-poong launched his basketball career as a guard at Geo
National News
Since its release in May 1988, Paris Baguette’s Silky Roll Cake has been loved by people of all ages for its creamy and soft mouthfeel. Rec
National News
Since May, Gyeonggi Province has been live-streaming a program titled 21day on YouTube to encourage more people to adopt abandoned pets. The
World News
Mukesh Ambani is the chairman of Reliance Industries, which is a large Indian company. A report said Ambani has about $64.5 billion (W77.6 t
A study has found that wearing face masks can lower the chance of coronavirus infection. MBC recently reported that you can reduce the possi
There are many people who like the smell of a dog’s paw pads. Interestingly, they smell like savory corn chips. According to renowned veter
Bill Nye is famous for teaching kids about science. He had a popular TV show called Bill Nye the Science Guy in the 1990s. Many kids that th
Around Me
Computers are useful machines. They have many programs and a lot of information. With computers, w
Yummy News
Teseum is a teddy bear museum on Jeju Island. There are many teddy bears at the museum. Visitors c
Around Nature
Deer are big animals. They have long and thin legs. Deer have brown fur. They are very gentle and
See & do
(1) Count. Count the coins. (2) Make. Make an apple pie at home. (3) Pick. Pick some books at the
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