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Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a revered champion of racial justice and human rights, died peacefully at the age of 90 in Cape
A newly developed telescope called the James Webb Space Telescope was launched into space. The telescope was developed a
National News
A survey conducted by the Korea Food Promotion Institution in October revealed surprising results. The survey found that
Around Me
New Year’s resolutions are goals that people set for the New Year. In 2022, I will help my parent
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Santander U.K., a subsidiary of Spain’s Banco Santander, mistakenly paid out a total of ?130 million (W210.8 billion) to nearly 2,000 custo
What’s This About?New Year’s resolutions are goals that we set at the beginning of the year to try and improve ourselves. These types of g
Former NFL Hall of Fame coach and broadcaster John Madden died at the age of 85 on Dec. 28, 2021. He died unexpectedly, and the cause of his
BTS’ agency Big Hit recently announced that the band members Jin, RM, and Suga have all recovered from COVID-19. The three singers were dia
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Due to rising infection rates around the world and the spread of the omicron variant, governments around the world canceled many New Year’s
Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809. His parents didn’t know how to read or write. However, Lincoln did his best to learn on his own. He had a
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On Dec. 29, the city government of Guri in Gyeonggi Province shared a heartwarming story that may have restored many people’s faith in huma
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In many cities around the world, public transportation services play an important role in many people’s lives. Public transportation servic
World News
Desmond Tutu died in South Africa at the age of 90. Tutu was a religious leader who fought against apartheid. Apartheid was a social system
Scientists recently found a fossil in Ganzhou, China. This fossil was very special. It was found inside an egg. Scientists think the baby di
If you’re looking to make a fresh start, you can try the following suggestions. Firstly, consider changing your look by experimenting with
An incredible girl, Bellen Woodard, who is a “crayon activist” creatively shared her ideas and emphasized the important fact that everyone
Around Me
New Year’s resolutions are goals that people set for the New Year. In 2022, I will help my parent
Yummy News
Jeju is a beautiful island in Korea. There are female divers called “haenyeo” at the beaches in
Around Nature
Animals make different sounds. Cats say “meow” to greet people. When dogs feel happy, they bar
See & do
(1) Smell. Smell the flower. (2) Help. Help your friend. (3) Wash. Wash your mouth. (4) Ride. R
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