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Headline News
North Korea launched a pair of short-range missiles in early May, increasing tensions with the U.S. and South Korea.The
Some of the grunting sounds emitted by tennis players when hitting the ball are as loud as motorbikes or chainsaws. Some
National News
According to the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service (HIRA)건강보험심사평가원, poor eyesight is common among
Around Me
Roses are from Asia. They bloom between May and June. They can grow up to 3 m. They come in many
World News I
Everyone makes mistakes, and it doesn’t matter who you are. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) made an embarrassing typo on approximately
What’s This About?Many things in society are going digital. Accordingly, instead of carrying around cash, more and more people are using ca
Son Heung-min has one more game to play this season, and it is a big one. On June 2, he and his Tottenham Hotspur teammates will face Liverp
With the disbandment of Wanna One, Produce 101’s temporary boy group, Minhyun is back in NU’EST. The group made its long-awaited comeback
World News
On May 7, a teenager lunged toward a shooter who attacked his classroom at STEM School Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The brave act of Kendrick
According to the World Economic Forum, Saudi Arabia ranked at No. 138 out of 144 countries in 2017, when it was evaluated in terms of gender
National News
Climate change is one of the biggest problems plaguing the world today, and Korea is no exception. Worse, the country has ranked low in term
National News
With an increase in the number of residents and tourists in Jeju Island, its volume of waste nearly doubled from 764 tons in 2011 to 1,312 t
World News
There will be an exciting festival on Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada, between May 27 and June 2. The festival wants to inspire and mo
Paleontology is the scientific study of fossils. It can help us understand human evolution. A jawbone fossil from the mountains of Tibet hel
Interestingly, a panda’s black and white fur has a lot to do with its life pattern. Black and white fur helps pandas camouflage themselves
Prince Harry and Meghan, the duchess of Sussex, revealed their baby to the world on May 8 at Berkshire’s Windsor Castle.Meghan gave birth t
Around Me
Roses are from Asia. They bloom between May and June. They can grow up to 3 m. They come in many
Yummy News
Olivier salad is from Russia. It is also called Russian potato salad. We use many different ingred
Around Nature
A kiwi is a bird, but it cannot fly. Kiwis are from New Zealand. They have brown fur. They also h
See & do
(1) Blow. Blow bubbles. (2) Feed. Feed animals. (3) Recycle. Recycle waste. (4) Congratulate. Con
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