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Headline News
The highly anticipated bout between Canelo Alvarez of Mexico and Gennady Golovkin of Kazakhstan concluded with a tie dec
Cho Yo-han, or John Cho, was born in Seoul, Korea on June 16, 1972. He is an actor for film and television best known fo
National News
Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway is a walking path in Seoul beloved by Koreans. However, some parts of the walkway were bloc
Around Me
Autumn has come. What are the changes around you? First, you feel a bit cold because the tempera
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Luigi Del Bianco, the lead carver of Mount Rushmore, was honored last month with a plaque that recognizes his work. The National Park Servic
What’s This About? With Donald Trump’s continuous assaults on the media as ‘fake news,’ the use of Social Networking Services by politic
With qualification for the 2018 FIFA World Cup taken care of, the South Korean soccer team is now ready for its next big challenge. Here’s
Jeon Ji-yoon of the now-disbanded girl group 4Minute is building her career as a solo performer. She recently released a solo track Hello al
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The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean in the world after the Pacific Ocean. It lies between North and South America on the west and
Hot Issue
A cure for the devastating condition of multiple sclerosis may be closer to realization, according to research carried out in Britain.Multip
National News
President Moon Jae-in flew to the United States last month to visit New York City. There he met with other leaders from around the world at
The electric eel of South America is well known in popular culture, but is still not fully understood by science. The creature is a staple o
World News
A teacher spent 70 hours turning his classroom into a Harry Potter wonderland, just in time for the start of school. Kyle Hubler teaches sev
Sometimes, a small object like a grain of sand can get inside an oyster’s body. The oyster cannot remove it, so the oyster protects itself
The first images of the 2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest have been revealed. The world-renowned competition features the beaut
In the event of an emergency, children should learn to remember emergency numbers. These numbers vary from country to country. It is 119 in
Around Me
Autumn has come. What are the changes around you? First, you feel a bit cold because the tempera
Yummy News
Ask the help of an adult in making this recipe. You’ll need slices of bread, butter, and eggs!
Around Nature
The Praying Mantis got its name because it stands in a position that looks like it is praying. It
See & do
Press. Press a hole in the center of the slice of bread. Heat. Heat the pan, and melt in the butter
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