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Australia is in the midst of a disastrous summer, as hundreds of huge wildfires are burning across the country.The fires
Neutrons are widely used in the high-tech industry due to their property of penetrating substances. Globally, only a few
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In cooperation with Madagascar’s education ministry, the Korean embassy in the country released a special textbook for
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A citron is a yellow fruit that looks like a lemon. Like lemons, citrons have a sour taste. Citron
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On Dec. 24, Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History announced the discovery of an ancient Mayan palace in the archaeologica
What’s This About? Although many people believe that hypnosis is simply a placebo effect, others see it as a genuine psychological therapy
The countdown to the 2020 Summer Olympics has officially begun, and South Korea has set a goal of 10 gold medals, which is one more than the
The sequel to the 2018 horror film A Quiet Place is hitting theaters this March. Written and directed by John Krasinski, who worked on the o
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Futurist Ray Kurzweil, renowned for his book The Singularity Is Near, had predicted that computers would be everywhere - walls, tables, clot
Richard Blevins, who famously plays under the nickname “Ninja,” is one of the most successful gamers in the world.After graduating from hi
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Currently designated as Treasure No. 561, the Geumyeong Cheugugi, a rain gauge created in 1837, will become a national treasure, according t
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Built in a four-story building with one basement level in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, the Yi Sun-shin Library is now ready to welcome visi
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Coral reefs help reduce global warming and provide habitats to marine creatures. As the tentacles of coral reefs photosynthesize, they absor
Apple, the producer of the iPhone and MacBook, patented its sound technology called virtual audio. The MacBook’s built-in speakers used to
Although birds cannot sweat to cool down their body, they can easily reduce their body heat thanks to their beaks. Professors from Canada’s
59-year-old Doug Hayes is a grandfather to 10 grandchildren: Amara, Christian, Autumn, Lily, Gabriel, Everett, Piper, Emma, Hero, and Teddy.
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A citron is a yellow fruit that looks like a lemon. Like lemons, citrons have a sour taste. Citron
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A kilt is a traditional skirt that Scottish men used to wear in the past. Nowadays, we can still se
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A snail is a mollusk, which has no bones. Snails are famous for carrying a tough shell on their bac
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(1) Bake. Bake muffins. (2) Turn. Turn off the switch. (3) Visit. Visit the dentist. (4) Wear. We
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