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Headline News
The United States’ abortion debate was recently reignited when Politico, a political journalism company, published a le
Space is a mysterious place, which we can see from anywhere in the world when we look up to the sky. But, some might won
National News
Gyeongbok Palace will host a special tour from May 18-29. Visitors will be taken to the northern area of the palace wher
Around Me
A teacher is a person who helps students to learn and to develop morality. My teacher is helpful.
World News I
The rescue of a woman in Changsha, China, has appeared on Chinese news and social media. The 21-year-old woman was extracted from a fallen b
What’s This About?In the modern world, politicians and political leaders have started using social media platforms to reach out to audience
A jersey worn by legendary soccer player Diego Maradona was auctioned off at the world-record price of $9.28 million (W11.8 billion). Widely
Korean content has grown in popularity around the world. With the success of many popular K-dramas recently, here are some other interesting
World News
Netflix has suffered huge losses, as 200,000 users left the streaming service in the first quarter of the year. This was the first time that
Whitney Houston was one of pop music’s most iconic singers. Born in 1963 in Newark, New Jersey, Houston loved singing from a young age. She
National News
On May 10, Yoon Suk-yeol was inaugurated as the 20th president of South Korea, opening a new chapter in the country’s history for the next
National News
The five-year presidential term of Moon Jae-in, who served as the 19th president of Korea, ended at midnight on May 9. About a month before
World News
A hot-air balloon in Melbourne, Australia, got into some trouble. The balloon couldn’t fly properly, and it landed on an apartment rooftop.
Vitamin C is an important nutrient. We can find it in fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C helps our body in countless ways. But, the most impor
Making a board game is easy and fun. First, write down the theme, rules, and the objective of your game. Next, find a thick type of paper, l
Traveling is an important part of our lives because it allows us to experience new things! Here are some of the advantages of traveling.Taki
Around Me
A teacher is a person who helps students to learn and to develop morality. My teacher is helpful.
Yummy News
Souvlaki is a traditional Greek food. People grill meat and vegetables on a skewer. It is made o
Around Nature
Let’s learn about animal sounds! Dogs bark. Bees hum and buzz. Wolves howl and cry. Cats pu
See & do
(1) Dance. Dance with your friends. (2) Run. Run on the grass. (3) Whisper. Whisper to your sister
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