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Headline News
This year, huge rainfalls caused flooding all across the country of Pakistan. The monsoon season, which started around m
Scientists have found that it is important to be kind to yourself. People who are critical of themselves often suffer fr
National News
It is nearly time for the 2022 Korean Culture Festival to begin. From Sept. 30 to Oct. 8, events showcasing different as
Around Me
Chuseok is a traditional Korean holiday that is celebrated in fall. It is one of the most important
World News I
Sweden’s coalition of right-wing parties has won the Swedish election. Although the left-wing Social Democratic Party will remain the singl
What’s This About?Korea’s most populous city is Seoul, which has over 9 million people. However, are there benefits to living in big citie
The International Skating Union (ISU) raised the minimum age limit for skaters in high-profile competitions from 15 to 17, starting from the
It is time to take the cozy sweaters and cardigans out of your wardrobe. Spending the day with your loved ones in a park full of red, orange
World News
After devastating floods hit Pakistan, the government is seeing a worrying rise in dengue fever, malaria, and other diseases. The floods, wh
Almost everyone knows who David Beckham is. Even people who aren’t interested in soccer know of him. Born in 1975, this soccer legend was r
National News
President Yoon Suk-yeol flew to London to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. President Yoon expressed his condolences to King Charles
National News
Two wooden Buddhas will be given special status by the government. The wooden Buddhas located in the Beopbojeon Hall and Daejeokgwangjeon Ha
World News
In California, a truck crashed and spilled 150,000 tomatoes. Seven other cars crashed. Four people were injured. One of these people broke t
Scientists found a fossil of Africa’s oldest dinosaur. They found it in Zimbabwe. The dinosaur is 230 million years old. The dinosaur is na
If you ever find yourself lost, this is what you should do. Firstly, stop and examine your surroundings. If you’re not safe where you are,
IVE, a K-pop girl group leading the fourth generation, continues to surprise many K-pop fans these days. The group made three straight hit s
Around Me
Chuseok is a traditional Korean holiday that is celebrated in fall. It is one of the most important
Yummy News
When you visit Australia or New Zealand, try a meat pie! Meat pies are filled with diced or minced m
Around Nature
This animal has short legs. It has a stubby tail. Which animal is it? It is a wombat! Wombats
See & do
- Read, trace, and do! (1) Greet. Greet the customers. (2) Serve. Serve the meal. (3) Lift. Lif
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