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Headline News
Ever played StarCraft? One of the giants among interactive games and entertainment companies, Blizzard Entertainment was
Jake is meeting his Korean friend Young Kim at the Gwangjang Market. Young and Jake have been best friends since the fif
National News
A baby siamang was born last June at the Seoul Grand Park Zoo. It was the first of its kind to be born in Korea. Siamang
Around Me
Is the sky blue? Are clouds white? Can you see the leaves turning red and falling? You cant h
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Youve probably heard of 3D food printers before, but most of them just arent ready yet. However, the Foodini, developed by a company cal
Whats This About? Did you know there are many different types of bullying? It can take several forms, including physical, verbal, social,
A Korean team made their way to the finals at the 2016 Little League Baseball World Series after beating Panama 7-2. Many Koreans did not ex
We are fairly familiar with celebrities endorsing products and brands because thats one way that companies communicate with the masses. We
Hot Issue
A scientist wouldnt get excited over a squid, right? Well, a googly-eyed squid that looks just like a toy impressed a whole team of scient
Katie Couric is a news anchor and one of the most influential journalists in American television today. Born in Virginia in 1957, Couric beg
World News
You will meet 10,000 people before you die. If you change the lives of just 10 people and those 10 people change the lives of another 10, th
Whoa, its huge! Paleontologists recently discovered one of the largest skulls ever, belonging to a 15-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex (T. rex),
World News
Do you like to smile? How would you feel if the Earth smiled at you? The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has actively erupted since 1983! During a
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Have you ever looked at a cat or dog and felt genuinely sorry for it? Humans have a unique talent to feel for animals. So Brooke Barkers n
Theres nothing cuter than a small goldfish to keep you company. Its the most popular fish tank pet of all time! But the size of the gold
Everyone knows we shouldnt bully each other. But sometimes we bully others without even realizing it. It can be as simple as a comment mad
Around Me
Is the sky blue? Are clouds white? Can you see the leaves turning red and falling? You cant h
Yummy News
Our eyes help us see tasty treats to eat! This week we will be making butterflies filled with good
Around Nature
Do you remember what we learned last time? The lion is the second biggest wild cat in the world.
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1.Save. Save the paper rolls. 2. Paint. Paint the paper rolls. 3. Tie. Tie the p
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