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Headline News
On March 7, the U.S. announced that the first components of its anti-missile system had arrived in South Korea. The Term
Carrie Lam was born on May 13, 1957 in Hong Kong. The fourth child of five, Lam went to the University of Hong Kong and
National News
Every year, April 20 is the National Day of Persons with Disabilities. It has been celebrated nationally since 1981 and
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Two children are on the water on a sunny day. The boy is kayaking with his sister. A kayak is a s
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In Germany, sunlight can be switched on and off.A group of German scientists have recently assembled an artificial sun made up of spotlights
What’s This About? Online Education has steadily been growing since its advancement from mail and radio education. In fact, in today’s sop
On April 3, at the University of Phoenix Stadium, the University of North Carolina won its sixth basketball title against Gonzaga University
On April 1, the 2017 Fall/Winter Hera Seoul Fashion Week at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in central Seoul came to an end. The six-day f
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Do you have any amazing ideas to change the world?The “Global Challenges Prize 2017: A New Shape” wants to find new ways to improve the cu
Hot Issue
A new study has found that smoking tobacco is responsible for approximately 10 percent of deaths around the world.The study, published in th
National News
On Apr. 6 Seoul City Hall announced measures to tackle fine dust as the nation struggles with the worsening air quality, especially in the c
The world’s first tunnel built for seafaring vessels will be constructed in Norway, home to the famous fjords. The Stad Ship Tunnel will be
World News
Katie Francis, a 15-year-old Girl Scout from Oklahoma, became the top cookie seller in history after selling over 100,000 boxes of cookies.
The dust found in the air these days is called Yellow Dust, or hwangsa황사 in Korean. It comes from the deserts of Mongolia, northern China,
We often hear of someone who finds a pearl in an oyster. However, there is now a story of a woman who found a diamond in her boiled egg.Sall
Are you waiting for Children’s Day? It is celebrated on May 5 in Korea, but there are many children’s festivals around the world in nation
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Two children are on the water on a sunny day. The boy is kayaking with his sister. A kayak is a s
Yummy News
French toast is a famous breakfast food in the West. Different forms of French toast, called pain
Around Nature
The Pomeranian is one of the world’s 20 most popular dogs. Queen Victoria of England loved this b
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Get. Get the puppy wet with the hose. Soap. Soap the puppy from the neck down. Rinse. Rinse all th
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