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Headline News
Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrived in Korea on Nov. 16 to hold meetings with President Yoon Suk-yeol
During their teenage years, it is common for people to change their sleeping habits. At this age, some people begin to p
National News
Yut Nori, a popular traditional board game in Korea, was recently designated as National Intangible Cultural Heritage. Y
Around Me
Sour foods are sour, like lemons and limes. Tom squeezes half a lemon into water. He tastes the
World News I
COP27, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, closed on Nov. 20. The conference was supposed to take place from Nov. 6-18 in Egypt bu
What’s This About?Western food culture and Asian food culture have major differences. One of these differences is the style of cutlery used
As the World Cup continues in Qatar, many eyes have been on the situations of migrant workers. Seven new stadiums have been built for the Wo
Throughout the year, a number of K-pop fans from all over the world had a great time listening to K-pop songs and watching the related conte
World News
Students in Afghanistan have just finished their university entrance exams. But, one student has drawn the attention of news companies aroun
Rami Malek is a very famous actor. But, life wasn’t always easy for him. Although he was born in California, he is the son of Egyptian immi
National News
Since celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay opened his burger restaurant in Jamsil, Seoul, many foodies have flocked to try out the menu. However, so
National News
French luxury brand Louis Vuitton enjoys incorporating art into its products. Each year, the brand reinterprets artwork from famous artists
World News
India used to be a British colony. When India became independent, it had its first election in 1952. The first person in India to ever vote
Cobras are beautiful animals. But, they also have dangerous venom. If you see a cobra, move away. Keep your eyes on the snake. Do not touch
To play, throw the yut-sticks and see how they land. The number of sticks that land with the flat side up represents how many spaces you can
Desserts can satisfy you with their sweet and pleasurable flavors. According to a report from Real Foods, the global dessert market is incre
Around Me
Sour foods are sour, like lemons and limes. Tom squeezes half a lemon into water. He tastes the
Yummy News
Oct. 1 is International Coffee Day. It is a day to celebrate flavorful coffee. It is a day to th
Around Nature
Okapis have stripes. Their stripes help them hide from predators. Skunks have stripes. Their s
See & do
(1) Fly. Fly a kite. (2) Play. Play with a beach ball. (3) Dive. Dive into the water. (4) Touch.
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